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Bad Gambling Advice: Week 7


March Madness Viewing Party At The Westgate Las Vegas Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last week: 1-6 ATS, 2-3-2 totals; Season to date: 27-32-1 ATS, 26-31-3 totals

That’s right: 1-6 against the spread. This is the bad gambling advice that you come here for.

(Of course, the way this column works, I’ll probably go 5-1 this week. On to the picks.)

Georgia at Vanderbilt (11:00 AM CT, CBS): Vanderbilt has still yet to cover the spread this season. Georgia finally covered for the first time all season last week. I’m not picking Vanderbilt until they actually cover the spread for once.

Score Prediction: (will be revealed in Saturday Predictions)

Picks: Georgia -31.5, Under 56

Arkansas at Alabama (11:00 AM CT, ESPN): I just have to note this tweet, which seems like this poster is not familiar with Hogville:

Anyway, Arkansas is bad but competitive, and they’re getting a lot of points here.

Score Prediction: Alabama 31, Arkansas 17

Picks: Arkansas +19.5, Over 46.5

Texas A&M at Tennessee (2:30 PM CT, CBS): I was wrong about Texas A&M last week, which couldn’t finish the job against Alabama. On the other hand, I think Tennessee is still getting overrated and we’re due for a classic “pelt the field with empty mustard bottles” meltdown at Neyland on Saturday.

Score Prediction: Texas A&M 28, Tennessee 24

Picks: Texas A&M +3, Under 55

Florida at South Carolina (2:30 PM CT, SEC Network): The guiding principle here is that whatever happened against Vanderbilt last week, Florida still can’t score, which will cancel out whatever South Carolina’s offensive line can and can’t do.

Score Prediction: South Carolina 24, Florida 20

Picks: South Carolina -2, Under 51.5

Auburn at LSU (6:00 PM CT, ESPN): What happens when Payton Thorne meets the LSU secondary? I don’t know, probably not much. LSU’s defense is admittedly very bad, but then so is Auburn’s offense, and that sort of matchup usually doesn’t favor the offense that can’t suddenly stop missing open receivers or whatever.

Score Prediction: LSU 35, Auburn 20

Picks: LSU -11, Under 60

Missouri at Kentucky (6:30 PM CT, SEC Network): The SEC Network’s late game is the matchup of two teams that took their first loss of the season last week, but only one of which got possibly exposed: we sort of knew that was what Missouri was (and they had every chance to win against LSU), but Kentucky straight up got their ass kicked in a way that really wasn’t predictable prior to that game. I predict that Kentucky has a real hangover here.

Score Prediction: Missouri 31, Kentucky 24

Picks: Missouri +3, Over 51.5