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2022 Staff Pick’em Playoff Finals

It all comes down to Monday night between Import and the Nerd Herd.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Head Coaches-Press Conference
Who had Sonny Dykes being in the national championship game EVER, much less in Year 1 at TCU?
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So, first off, I apologize to CDA for listing his picks as not submitted. He put them within minutes of my “last call” request. He also had by far the best bowl season at 10-4. Import and the Commentariat followed at 8-6. Cole had a good (for him) week at 6-8 along with Tom. Andrew and I brought up the rear at 5-9. The staff has limped to 428-507 on the season so far with only two games to go. Is there a point at which “your picks suck so bad that you clearly do not understand football” kicks in? Asking for me.

We had some big hits and some huge misses. Wake Forest and Mississippi State (SWING YOUR SWORD) were the correctly picked unanimous games. Alabama storming back against Kansas State also left only Tom out in the cold. Unfortunately, we were all wrong about Georgia beating Ohio State by more than 6.5 even though the Bulldogs did win. Only CDA sided with either of Oklahoma or Kansas. There were also 5 games where 4 staffers were wrong. It was a lot of not pretty, which also describes the early SEC performance. Unfortunately, we could not storm back to an above-0.500 record.

The FCS Championship was already played yesterday, and the Commentariat will likely have locked up the championship since you miscreants almost certainly sided with the Jackrabbits to have a 2-game lead over Import with only tonight’s CFP Final to go. Other than that, the only position battle left is whether Andrew can tie Tom and me. Tom and I took the same team for tonight after disagreeing on the FCS Final, which allowed me to tie him, so we could see a 3-way tie for that spot. Also, Cole will manage not to reach the 100-loss mark, which was a real concern at times this season.

The Rules

  1. Normally, the picks are for all SEC games with one dealer’s choice where I get to choose another game to make us pick. With two new teams set to join in “2025” (Who wants to bet that timeline holds up?), Texas and Oklahoma will have all of their games picked, too.
  2. The picks will be made AGAINST THE SPREAD. Too many games are easy to pick heads up. Also, this will serve as a PSA for why you should not get into sports gambling, which is especially important with sports gambling being legal in Tennessee now.
  3. The lines will be taken from Oddshark’s consensus spread some time Monday, so they may not match what is listed at the time this article is published.

The Standings

Commentariat 78 77 8 6
Import 77 78 8 6
CDA 73 83 10 4
Tom 72 84 6 8
DotP 71 85 5 9
VU 04 70 86 5 9
Cole 65 91 6 8

The Picks

GAME Patrick Cole Tom VU04 CDA Import
North Dakota State (+5)
South Dakota State
centered image No Pick centered image centered image No Pick centered image
TCU (+12.5)
centered image No Pick centered image centered image No Pick centered image