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WBB Game 17: Vanderbilt Commodores at Ole Miss Rebels

Another tough one on deck

Trying to get around Ole Miss
Vanderbilt Athletics

January 5, 2023 @ 6:00PM CT | Video: SECN+ | Radio: Live Call

Last game was a bit of a tough loss. The worst part is we didn’t even play that poorly. Our shooting percentages were roughly in line with season averages, we actually led the game in steals and total turnovers, and Ciaja Harbison led the game in scoring. Why did we lose? We were out-rebounded 53 to 22 and outshot from the field by about 18 percentage points. LSU got the ball, and when they did they were able to score.

Looking forward to today’s game, it could be more of the same. Ole Miss average 73 points and 43 rebounds a game, 6 and 10 more than the Commodores, respectively. There’s reason for hope, though. Ole Miss’s only two losses this season have come against the currently ranked Oklahoma and Utah, but their schedule seems softer than ours otherwise. That’s part of why at 13-2 they are unranked. It will be tough, but if Ciaja has a good game and Sacha and Ya can keep rebounds out of Madison Scott’s hands then I think we could at least have a fun game to watch.