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Better Know A Signee: Sedrick “The Entertainer” Alexander

After The Hypothesis transferred to Kentucky (again, what?!), there is opportunity in the running back room. Time for an original king of running backs?

New York Magazine’s Vulture Festival 2022 - Day 2 Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Sedrick “The Entertainer” Alexander

For the life of me, I cannot remember one Cedric the Entertainer joke. Great suits, though. Anyway, onto the preview...

Position: Running Back

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 190

Hometown: Austin, Texas

High School: LBJ (Spanish for... The BJ)

247 Sports In House: 3 star (87), #50 (RB), #123 (Texas)

247 Sports composite: 3 star, #707 National, #51 (RB), #112 (Texas)

Rivals: 3-star (5.7)

Other Power 5 offers: Iowa State, Navy, Campbell “Humpin’ to Please” Camels, etc.


Wait... no... this is his highlight reel:

It’s less generic comedy about the younger generation than 7 minutes plus of Alexander racing away from opposing defenses. Does he remind anyone else of Ralph Webb? Because I’m seeing Ralph Webb.

Like Webb before him, Alexander has the vision to find the hole, the shake to break a linebacker’s ankles, and the speed to beat a DB to the pylon. Yeah... with Alexander and Benson coming in, I’m slightly less worried about losing The Hypothesis to the Big Blue Jamal Mashburn Jerseys at Weddings University.

Back to the highlights. The first run is something you’ll find on pretty much every D1 RB’s highlight reel (as if they couldn’t occasionally run past a defense that doesn’t exactly seem to be doing much to chase him down from time to time, they’re likely not good enough to get a scholly). That 2nd run, though? That had me like “Yew!”

They just greased him up and let him loose! That kid slipped right through the hands of three would be tacklers like it was nothing, then casually ambled to the end zone like it was nothing. Even the ref’s belly bump couldn’t stop the inevitable.

That’s SEC lead back type skills right there. Expect him to get meaningful snaps early.

Again, Yew!