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WBB Game 19: Vanderbilt Commodores at Arkansas Razorbacks

Maybe tonight an Arkansas basketball team won’t antagonize karma.

We beat ‘em last year, why not do it again?
Vanderbilt Athletics
9-9 (0-4)
Coaches: NR
NET: 101

January 16, 2023

6:00PM CT at Bud Walton Arena

SEC Network | Live Radio Call

old Arkansas logo
16-3 (3-1)
Coaches: 23
NET: 37

I finally sat down and made my own fancy game table, complete with what told me was the primary Vanderbilt logo between 1991 and 1999. In the 9-season span starting with the 1990-1991 season and ending with the 1998-1999 season, we made the tournament 8 times, the Sweet Sixteen 7 times, the Elite Eight 3 times, and the Final Four once in 1993. All that history made this logo feel the most appropriate. As for Arkansas, I just pulled some random one I found (and totally not just the one from the men’s game thread the other night).

Now a look back at more recent history, we got beat badly in our last game over a week ago despite a late game push from the team. 27 points and 19 points from Harbison and Garraud, respectively, couldn’t stop Tennessee from beating us down even with a double-double from Sacha Washington. Tennessee did not have a single player play over 30 minutes while we had 3 do so. We actually had better shooting percentages than Tennessee across the board, but that doesn’t matter much when they are getting more rebounds and turning the ball over less. We played well, and we played hard throughout, but Tennessee had control of the game from start to finish.

I don’t expect to be telling a very different story after tonight’s game. Arkansas effectively has 5 players averaging 10 points or more a game while we only have 3. They are also getting way more rebounds than we are per game. Two of their only three losses have come against ranked LSU and Oregon teams. The only good news is that we are getting one step closer towards a few weaker teams on the schedule. Let’s just hope we can stay healthy long enough to get there.