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WBB Game 16: Vanderbilt Commodores at LSU Tigers

Getting some of the hard games out of the way early at least.

Planning out how to deliver on those New Year resolutions.
Vanderbilt Athletics

January 1, 2023 @ 2:00PM CT | Video: SECN+ | Radio: Live Call

I started editing the date from 2022 to 2023 and somehow accidentally typed it as 2022 again before making it 2023. Rough start to the new year for me, and that will probably be the case for the team later today when we take the court against ranked, undefeated LSU. We just got dismantled by Mississippi State. Some of it was because our shots simply weren’t falling, but there was never really a chance for us.

Maybe we can put the last game behind us just like we put the old year behind us last night. Or maybe Angel Reese will put up her usual 24-point, 14-rebound statline en route to an easy win for the Tigers to keep them neck-and-neck with South Carolina atop the SEC and the rest of women’s college basketball. Those two teams play each other on February 12 in what I assume will be the deciding game for the 1-seed in the SEC. Today though, I just hope we can keep it close.