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The Butt Punt Post

I’d take a football to the cheeks if it meant a deal with Charmin, too.

Jasen Vinlove/USA TODAY Sports

As you have likely seen by now, Vandy alum and Vanderbilt Stadium Era Top 100 Player Trent Sherfield is the most famous man in professional football this week. Not for a highlight or some impressive milestone. No, he’s famous for getting his ass kicked. With a ball. Here’s a breakdown of the play in case you missed it:

The moment instantly elevated him to Mark Sanchez level fame, to the point that Mr. Butt Fumble himself voiced a little insecurity about the highlight.

Despite the safety, the Dolphins would hang on to shock the Bills, and Trent Sherfield would assumedly go on to sit on an ice pack after the game. Since then, he’s been taking advantage of the moment on Twitter to get the ball rolling on potential NIL (wait, no, it’s just normal promotional) deals.

Must have gotten his business minor while he was in school on West End. I really hope Charmin pulls through and gets this man some 2-ply cash, and that Trent’s butt never knows this sort of pain ever again.