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Anchor Drop, September 1, 2022: Two players dismissed

Not great!

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 20 Vanderbilt at Ole Miss Photo by Chris McDill/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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Optional Musical Accompaniment

Well, this is suboptimal.

A couple of true freshmen, running back Maurice Edwards and linebacker Daniel Martin, were dismissed from the football team yesterday (I mean, the statement doesn’t say the word “dismissed,” but “no longer part of the program” has long been accepted as coachspeak for “they were kicked off the team.”)

Anyway, this is kind of a big deal for the future, especially Martin, who was the top-rated recruit in Vanderbilt’s 2022 class. Then again, like Marcus Bradley last year (who was the top recruit in the 2021 class), and Keyon Brooks a couple of months into his tenure, Clark Lea has pretty much sent the message that the rules apply to everyone here, which is good. (Want an example of what happens when the rules don’t apply to everyone and playing time isn’t earned? I give you Bryce Drew’s 2018-19 Vanderbilt Commodores.) As far as this year goes, well, Martin and Edwards didn’t play in the season opener, and it seemed like Edwards had been passed by fellow freshman Chase Gillespie in camp. (And I don’t think Vanderbilt misses Bradley and Brooks all that much, for what it’s worth.)

Chris Lee and Kevin Ingram podcasted about the dismissals, as well as the Hawaii game.

ICYMI: basketball released its nonconference schedule.

Sports on TV

All times Central.

  • 6:20 AM: EuroBasket: Bulgaria v. Spain (ESPN+)
  • 7:20 AM: EuroBasket: Hungary v. Bosnia-Herzegovina (ESPN+)
  • 9:05 AM: EuroBasket: Montenegro v. Turkey (ESPN+)
  • 10:05 AM: EuroBasket: Lithuania v. Slovenia (ESPN+)
  • 11:50 AM: EuroBasket: Belgium v. Georgia (ESPN+)
  • 12:00 PM: MLB: Mariners at Tigers (MLB Network)
  • 1:20 PM: EuroBasket: France v. Germany (ESPN+)
  • 3:00 PM: MLB: Dodgers at Mets or A’s at Nationals (MLB Network)
  • 5:10 PM: MLB: Orioles at Guardians (ESPN+)
  • 6:00 PM: MLB: Rangers at Red Sox or Rockies at Braves (MLB Network)
  • 9:00 PM: MLB: Brewers at Diamondbacks (MLB Network)

(Note: College football schedule will be posted in an open thread this evening.)


MLB: Astros 5, Rangers 3 ... Brewers 6, Pirates 1 ... Padres 5, Giants 4 ... Orioles 4, Guardians 0 ... Rays 2, Marlins 1 ... Nationals 5, A’s 1 ... Cubs 7, Blue Jays 5 ... Mets 2, Dodgers 1 ... Mariners 5, Tigers 3 ... Braves 3, Rockies 2 ... Cardinals 5, Reds 3 ... Red Sox 6, Twins 5 ... White Sox 4, Royals 2 ... Angels 3, Yankees 2 ... Phillies 18, Diamondbacks 2.

SEC Soccer: Tennessee 4, Bowling Green 0.