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Game Thread: Vanderbilt vs. Kameet Basketball

European trip!

Nice, France - Old Town and Place Massena Photo by Mandoga Media/picture alliance via Getty Images

Today, we get our first look at Vanderbilt’s 2022-23 basketball team — and two months before preseason practice even starts.

That’s thanks to Vanderbilt taking a trip to Europe, allowed by the NCAA once every four years. It’s actually been longer than that, I think, because the most recent overseas trip I can find evidence of was all the way back in 2013. Luke Kornet was a freshman, and Josh Henderson was in his fourth year in the Vanderbilt basketball program (allegedly.)

Anyway, today Vanderbilt is in Nice, France, where they’ll play something called Kameet Basketball, and I can’t find any information about this team. Apparently there’s a Kameet Basketball Academy that produced former Wake Forest/Kentucky big man Olivier Sarr? Are we playing a high school team or maybe a French Oak Hill Academy? I am deeply confused.

Game time is 11 AM CT, and you can stream this game on Vanderbilt Athletics’ YouTube channel.