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Checking in With the Het-O-Meter

Oh Oracle of Het-Phi, what is our collective het-midity?

Vanderbilt v Hawaii Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

After a 63-10 drubbing of Hawaii where the team got stronger after half time, we might as well check in with the Oracle of Het-Phi:

Yeah, that seems about right. We opened a bit sluggishly, made some odd choices early, and then straight up STOMPED the Rainbow Warriors. Of course, Hawaii’s program is basically in the position we were last year, so the meter had to take that into account.

It’s relatively safe to assume the baro-hetric pressure will remain steady through next week, as we welcome The Fightin’ Musks of Elon (a team comprised entirely of that South African emerald mine heir/super-villian’s progeny, we assume). Wake Forest might change things in two weeks, but no reason to think about that now.

Now, our hets are dry.