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Open Thread: College Football Saturday

It’s Week Zero.

Arizona v UTEP Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

If you haven’t given up completely on college football that isn’t played by Vanderbilt, well, here we are.

It’s Week Zero, so it’s not a full schedule — and half of it is FCS-on-FBS action, but at least we have football back. And there was much rejoicing. Vanderbilt plays literally its latest scheduled kickoff ever (notice I threw the word “scheduled” in there; people who actually remember the 2014 season opener and haven’t erased it from their memory will know what I’m talking about) at 9;30 PM CT, so you’ve got plenty of time to kill until Vanderbilt kicks off. Let’s get to the schedule, and it starts with two teams of interest to us!

11:00 AM CT

Austin Peay at Western Kentucky (CBS Sports Network): The quadruple-header on CBS Sports Network starts and ends with teams from the mid-state region, as we open up with, uh, this mascot battle.

I’m sold.

11:30 AM CT

Nebraska vs. Northwestern from Dublin, Ireland (FOX): What the hell did the Irish ever do to us?

1:00 PM CT


2:00 PM CT

Montana Western at Carroll College (stream): Ah fuck it, more NAIA football because it’s probably better than half of what’s on actual television today.

2:30 PM CT

  • Idaho State at UNLV (CBS Sports)
  • Jacksonville State vs. Stephen F. Austin from Montgomery, Alabama (ESPN)

Rich Rodriguez is finally coaching a football team in Alabama that wears numbers on the helmets. (Also, Idaho State-UNLV? Really?)

3:00 PM CT

  • UConn at Utah State (FS1)
  • Wyoming at Illinois (BTN)

Your reminder that this is Week Zero.

4:00 PM CT

  • Duquesne at Florida State (ACC Network): sure, why the hell not.

6:00 PM CT

  • Howard vs. Alabama State from Atlanta (ESPN)
  • Charlotte at Florida Atlantic (CBS Sports)
  • Point at Cumberland (stream)

Not gonna lie, it’s actually kind of cool that ESPN main is showing the FCS kickoff games. Also: bonus NAIA football!

7:00 PM CT

Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro at Texas Wesleyan (stream)

Look, since we’re all weird people here at Anchor of Gold, I just wanted to take some time to bring up the fact that Arkansas State University has a campus in Queretaro, Mexico, and this campus fields a football team... that is playing NAIA Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth tonight, and you’re gonna stream this damnit because you read Anchor of Gold dot com. Hail Pinman.

7:15 PM CT

  • Florida A&M at North Carolina (ACC Network): Apparently, Jeremy Moussa is Florida A&M’s starting quarterback this season.

8:00 PM CT

North Texas at UTEP (Stadium): Somehow, Stadium has the game of the day.

9:00 PM CT

Nevada at New Mexico State (ESPN2): Okay, fine, you’re gonna be watching the Vanderbilt game instead of this.