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Diamond Dores Land Stud Duke Grad Transfer R.J. Schreck

We have finally gotten into the receiving end of the transfer market.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Istanbul Photo by Altan Gocher/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

The common refrain amongst Diamond Dore fans has been, “Are we ever going to get into the transfer portal market?” Prior to today, the answer seemed to be “No.” Though we have lost high profile transfers—see Christian Little and, to a lesser extent, Gavin Casas—we have been loathe to take them in.

Well, you’ve got to get to White Castle before the weirdos show up, and we, it appears, got there just in time.

Duke Grad Transfer OF R.J. “The Ogre” Schreck has decided to swing his power bat in Gangster Pajamas in 2023, and I, for one, approve.

As Aria points out in the above tweet, Schreck had a phenomenal 2021, but regressed in 2022. Regardless, the Super Senior from Harvard-Westlake—same high school as Diamond Dore RHP Sam “The Perfect Stranger/Hliboki Bartokomous” Hliboki—will bring much needed depth to an outfield that lost both Spencer Jones and Javier “Vaz Offerens” Vaz.

If we get the 2021 3rd team All-SEC version of Schreck, this is a major upgrade over the other current options battling to play alongside Enrique Shockwave and Silent Cal Hewett.

This is a good thing. Be happy.