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Maldo and The Mayor Will Return for their Senior Seasons

Corbs confirms Nick Maldonado, Thomas Schultz, and others will be back in gangster pajamas in 2023.

Syndication: The Tennessean Andrew Nelles / / USA TODAY NETWORK

I know there hasn’t been a lot of good news on the Diamond Dore beat this month, but Tennesseean beat writer Aria Gerson just tweeted out a few things that should make you happy.

First, both Maldo and The Mayor will return:

At the very least, this solidifies our bullpen, as either could close. Of course, both have started in the past, but we should be pretty solid on starters with Carter Holton and Devin Futrell making the sophomore leap. If both Maldo and The Mayor are our back of the bullpen guys, that effectively makes every game a 7 inning affair—which should help offset the middle of the lineup losses in Dom Keegan and Spencer Jones.

Oh, and though getting Hliboki Bartokomous and The Doolin Banjo back to the pitching staff next year was expected, people might be sleeping on just how good the two of them can be. Though they lost a frightening amount of time in coming back from shaking hands with Tommy John, both should be good to go at the beginning of the 2023 season. Like Maldo and The Mayor, both Hliboki and Doolin could start or be back of the bullpen guys.

It’s looking like next year might be a lot of 3-2 and 2-1 games, but we should have the pitching staff—both starters and bullpen—to thrive in such contests.