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2022 MLB Draft: Day Three Live Thread

Keegan and McElvain were taken yesterday. Which current players will be drafted today? Are our remaining commits safe?

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2022 MLB Draft: 11th-20th Round

Tuesday July 19th at 1pm CT on

Though Sunday was a a nightmare scenario for our incoming freshman class, Saturday saw only one (RHP Karson Milbrandt, 3rd round, Miami) chosen. On the plus side, both Dom Keegan and Chris McElvain were taken.

As I said in the comments after round 10 concluded:

Well, we’re through Day 2.

Players taken today:

Dom Keegan - 4th Tampa Bay

Chris McElvain - 8th Cincy

Commits taken today:

Karson Millbrandt - 3rd Miami

Round 11-20 players can sign for up to $125K and not have it count against a team’s bonus pool. Only teams that have managed to save up huge in their rounds 1-10 bonus pool can overpay a 11th-20th rounder. As such, it’s pretty safe to assume Ryan Clifford, and the rest of the undrafted VU commits, will be coming to campus.

Today, we expect to hear a few current juniors and seniors, and pray that our remaining commits—looking at you, Ryan Clifford—make it to campus.

Here’s what I had to say about the draft eligible players and commits.

For the current players, click these links:

Click here for the possible first rounders and here for the possible 2nd through 20th rounders.

For our commits, click these links:

Click here for our top commits (possible 1st rounders) and here for the possible 2nd through 20th rounders amongst our commits.

See you in the comments.