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2022 MLB Draft: Day Two Live Thread

Where will Keegan, McElvain et al go?

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2022 MLB Draft: 3rd-10th Round

Monday July 16th at 1pm CT on

Well, yesterday was a bit of a nightmare scenario for our incoming freshman class, as not only the top 3 commits we expected to get drafted (Druw Jones, Dylan Lesko, and Brandon Barriera) were taken in the 1st round, but also the 50/50 “reported tough sign” guys (Noah Schultz and Sal Stewart) were also taken in the 1st or supplemental 1st. They will sign with the teams who took them, so forget their names right now.

Today, we look forward to hearing names like Dom Keegan, Chris McElvain, and Thomas Schultz (among others), but brace ourselves for OF Ryan Clifford and RHP Karson Millbrandt. With Schultz off the board, does that make coming to The Hawk more intriguing for Millbrandt? Same with Clifford and more opportunities in the lineup with Stewart not coming to school? Either way, cross your fingers, toes, knock on all sorts of wood, and get Jobu some rum. Day Two is here, and we would like to actually have some players in next year’s freshman class (please and thank you.

Here’s what I had to say about the draft eligible players and commits.

For the current players, click these links:

Click here for the possible first rounders and here for the possible 2nd through 20th rounders.

For our commits, click these links:

Click here for our top commits (possible 1st rounders) and here for the possible 2nd through 20th rounders amongst our commits.

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