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Corvallis Regional Game Thread: vs. The San Diego Bullfighters

I cannot overstate how important it is to get into the winner’s bracket right away. Today, we face the squad from the city thats name is loosely translated as “German for a whale’s vagina.”

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The Corvallis regional begins with the #2 seed Diamond Dores (36-21; 14-16 SEC) vs. the #3 seed German for a Whale’s Vagina Matadors (36-18; 17-10 West Coast Conference).

The Dores are looking to get their mojo back after limping into the postseason. All four squads in Corvallis have chosen to go with their Aces in Game One, so it’s doubly important to go into the winner’s bracket today. Let’s go ahead and do that, then (please and thank you).

To better know today’s opponent, click here.

On the Mound

Friday @ 3:00pm CT on ESPNU

#20 Vanderbilt Fr. LHP Carter “Rev. Holton Heat” Holton (8-3; 3.15 ERA)

vs. #35 So. LHP Brycen “Utah Girl’s Name” Mautz (9-2 4.09 ERA).

The Lineup:

1 cf 51 Enrique Bradfield Jr L 0-0 .315

2 dh 2 Javier Vaz L 0-0 .286

3 rf 34 Spencer Jones L 0-0 .367

4 1b 12 Dominic Keegan R 0-0 .363

5 c 16 Jack Bulger R 0-0 .269

6 lf 21 Calvin Hewett R 0-0 .358

7 ss 9 Carter Young B 0-0 .212

8 2b 6 Tate Kolwyck R 0-0 .256

9 3b 11 Davis Diaz R 0-0 .218

See you in the comments (though I might be watching this on the DVR later, as I’ve got work).