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Anchor Drop, June 1, 2022: 87 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt’s run for a golf national championship is over.

Arkansas v Vanderbilt Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

We are now 87 days away from Vanderbilt’s August 27 season opener at Hawaii. There’s no 87 on the current roster; Quincy Skinner wore 87 last season but has switched to 3 this season, because this is college football, we wear single-digit numbers instead of wide receiver numbers. (Yes, I will die on that hill. This also means J-Matt is in the header photo instead.)

Vanderbilt men’s golf ended its season with a loss to Texas in the national semifinals. Could have gone better, I guess, in that Vanderbilt could have won a national title. Hard to complain about a Final Four, especially when three of the five who teed off will be back next season, including individual national champion Gordon Sargent.

And, of course, this means we’re getting very close to the Anchor of Gold offseason, which officially starts when baseball season ends, but feels like it’s here in spirit already what with baseball facing an uphill fight in Corvallis this weekend. That means it’s time to shitpost. (And talk about the upcoming football season. But mostly shitpost.)

Sports on TV

All times Central.

  • 12:00 PM: MLB: Royals at Guardians (YouTube)
  • 12:10 PM: MLB: Nationals at Mets ( free game)
  • 1:30 PM: World Cup qualifier: Scotland v. Ukraine (ESPN2)
  • 2:37 PM: MLB: Astros at A’s (ESPN+)
  • 5:00 PM: College baseball: NAIA Semifinal #1 (ESPN3)
  • 6:05 PM: MLB: Angels at Yankees (FS1)
  • 7:00 PM: NHL: Lightning at Rangers, Game 1 (ESPN)
  • 9:00 PM: College baseball: NAIA Semifinal #2 (ESPN3)


MLB: Twins 8, Tigers 2 (Game 1) ... Guardians 8, Royals 3 ... Giants 7, Phillies 4 ... Yankees 9, Angels 1 ... Mariners 10, Orioles 0 ... Blue Jays 6, White Sox 5 ... Reds 2, Red Sox 1 ... Tigers 4, Twins 0 (Game 2) ... Mets 10, Nationals 0 ... Cardinals 3, Padres 2 ... Cubs 8, Brewers 7 ... Rangers 3, Rays 0 ... Diamondbacks 8, Braves 7 ... Astros 3, A’s 1 ... Pirates 5, Dodgers 3.

NHL: Avalanche 8, Oilers 6 (Avalanche lead, 1-0.)