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2022 NCAA Regional Sites Announced

No, Vanderbilt will not be hosting.

2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Baseball Championship Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

When’s the last time you quite literally couldn’t give a shit on the night they announce Regional host sites? 2018?

Anyway... here are the places we will have to travel to:

Let’s break them down.

Aside from Stansbury somehow getting two hosting sites (this is a typo, obviously, but I’m running with it), these hosting sites are a reminder that there just aren’t a whole lot of world-beaters out there in college baseball this year. Aside from Knoxville and Corvallis, are you all that concerned with where we’re headed, or who we’re matched up against? I’m not. I’m only concerned with our self-immolation at the end of the season. Talent-wise? We’re as good or better than all but two teams out there. That’s what has made this season such a disappointment.

We’ll find out tomorrow whether we’re a 2 or 3 seed and where we’re headed. It’s highly unlikely that they would send us to Knoxville, Auburn, Aggieland, or Jortsville, so let’s rank my preferred landing spots, in order, of the remaining 12 sites.

*Note: My rankings will take into account 1) Easiest team to beat, 2) Desire to enact revenge upon said team, and 3) Location.

1) Statesboro—Georgia Southern 40-18 (23-7 Sun Belt)

They’re a Sun Belt team who is 6-11 against Quad 1 opponents. Also, it’s driveable from Nashville, and it’s just an hour’s drive from Savannah. Might as well stay awhile after the weekend and have some fun.

2) Hattiesburg—Southern Miss 43-16 (23-7 CUSA)

No, I would not ever willingly travel to Brett Favre-land, but this is probably the most beatable #1 seed after Georgia Southern. The CUSA’s pretty bad nowadays.

3) Stillwater—Okie State 39-20 (15-9 Big XII)

Just like with Georgia Southern, I am picking this for potential tourism reasons... and I can’t finish that sentence without dying of laughter. No, you’re not going to Okie Poke land for its scenic beauty, but the revenge factor is sky high here. They came to our house in the beginning of the year and took 2 of 3 from us. Though we have fallen apart of late, we looked like we could have been the better team in that series, and I’d like another crack at Papa Holliday’s squad. Oh, and for selfish reasons, I live close enough to be able to go to these games.

4) Blacksburg—Virginny Tech 41-12 (19-9 ACC)

From the Okie Pokes to the Hokie Pokes. Virginny Tech has a pretty good SS and catcher, but I’ve not been all that impressed by this squad. I could be wrong, but I think our pitching staff would have the upper hand here.

5) Greenville—ECU 42-18 (20-4 AAC)

The butt Pirates gave us a hell of a Super Regional last year, but their Ace is toiling in the minors now. They have a well run program, but again, we would have the pretty clear talent advantage here. Also, Greenville is an okay place to visit.

6) Austin—University of Tejas 42-19 (14-10 Big XII)

I’ve watched a lot of Big XII baseball this year (a side effect of living where I do), and trust me when I say that conference is ass this year. Tejas was once ranked #1 in the country, but so was Ole Piss, so...

Also, Austin is a fun town to visit. Hit up 6th street, have a meal at The Salty Sow, and if you’re an adventurous beer drinker, make the quick trip to the Jester King brewery.

7) Chapel Hill—UNC 38-19 (15-15 ACC)

They’re basically having the same season we are in 2022. We can beat us...

8) Louisville—Louisville 38-18-1 (18-11-1 ACC)

Listen, I hate them, too. Still, it’s just a quick drive to the north and you can go on a bunch of bourbon tours.

9) Coral Gables—University of Miami 39-18 (20-10 ACC)

Ever seen the butts in Miami beach? Do I need to keep typing? You all voted for Djibouti in the Song Contest recently, so I know what you like.

10) College Park—The Maryland Fightin’ Turtles 45-12 (18-5 Big 10)

Still doesn’t seem right typing “Big 10” and Maryland in the same sentence. Still, though the Terps have had a hell of a year, their former ACC competition is a hell of a lot stronger than their current Big 10 competition. I’m thinking they might think they’re a bit better than they really are, and could be ripe for a letdown.

11) Stanford—Stansbury 40-14 (21-9 Pac 12)

If we get sent out to Shallow Alto, we’ll be so excited, so excited, so scared...

Hope their players are ready for that physics test.

12) Corvallis—Oregon State 44-14 (20-10 Pac 12)

They’re the toughest team on the West Coast. Also, ever been to Corvallis? No. You would have literally no reason to go there. I would like to avoid them (please and thank you).