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Vanderbilt in Hooverville: Day Two (well, you know what I mean) vs. The Chuggers

We survived the elimination round against Ole Piss, and then got an extra day of rest as yesterday was washed out. Today, it’s... THEM.

Ex-farmer resting by a house in Circleville,1938 Photo by: Photo12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

On the Mound (Probably)

Thursday @ 2:00pm CT (Ha!) on SEC Network

Vanderbilt #95 Fr. LHP Devin “The Future” Futrell (8-2, 3.27 ERA)

vs. #29 Chuggers So. RHP Blade “French Fried Potatoes” Tidwell (2-1, 2.63 ERA)

The Lineup

1 cf 51 Enrique Bradfield Jr L .326

2 lf 2 Javier Vaz L .269

3 rf 34 Spencer Jones L .378

4 1b 12 Dominic Keegan R .371

5 dh 25 Parker Noland L .248

6 c 16 Jack Bulger R .268

7 ss 9 Carter Young B .215

8 2b 6 Tate Kolwyck R .266

9 3b 11 Davis Diaz R .217

See you in the comments if I get home before 2pm (which, it would not be Hooverville if a game ever started on time).