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Vanderbilt-Tennessee postponed to tomorrow. Maybe.

But honestly, the forecast tomorrow isn’t looking promising, either.

Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astros Photo by Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

It wouldn’t be Hooverville without rain delays.

After Vanderbilt’s first-round game against Ole Miss got pushed back until around 10 PM CT last night (and didn’t end until nearly 1 AM), the Commodores were scheduled to play Tennessee in the second round tonight... only, no, it’s not going to happen because the rain just won’t stop, with today’s first game between Kentucky and Auburn (which is in the eighth inning as I write this) getting delayed all the way back until 12:45 PM CT... and then, the possibility of more rain tonight.

So for now, Vanderbilt-Tennessee is off tonight, but realistically, tomorrow’s forecast isn’t looking promising either. The forecast calls for rain chances north of 80 percent from 6 AM all the way until 1 PM, with some chance of scattered thunderstorms after that before clearing up in the evening. And all of that assumes that the SEC gets both of today’s remaining games (Alabama-Arkansas and Florida-Texas A&M) in, maybe Vanderbilt and Tennessee will be able to play around 7 PM tomorrow.

Now, things will clear up on Friday — but if the SEC can’t get any games in on Thursday, that would leave the tournament with 11 games to play going into Friday. That could be done, of course, but the question will be whether the SEC wants to.