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Anchor Drop, April 18, 2022: I should actually do my job, right?

The Anchor Drop returns. Tom is lazy.

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Polar bear in the zoo Rostock Photo by Volkmar Heinz/picture alliance via Getty Images

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Yeah, it’s been a while since we’ve had a proper Anchor Drop. Blame laziness. I don’t really even have a better reason than “I just haven’t felt like doing this for like a month.”

Anyway, the logo curse... continues. Baseball dropped the series finale 4-3 to Florida on Sunday and although they won the series, they’re now 7-8 in the SEC and three of those wins were over Missouri. Yes, the SEC is tough, but we’re normally the reason the SEC is tough and not the Ole Miss pulling the “but the SEC is tough” to excuse a .500 league record. Andrew probably has a better explanation for what’s going on there.

Men’s tennis finished off a 2-10 SEC season with a 5-2 loss to Ole Miss on Sunday. Again, logo curse. The Commodores will be the 12-seed in the 13-team SEC championship, which opens on Wednesday (13 teams, because Missourah doesn’t field a men’s tennis team.) At least the women beat Ole Miss 4-1 to finish the season and will open the SEC Tournament as the 8-seed on Thursday.

No action today. Three NBA playoff games tonight, with TNT featuring the Raptors and 76ers at 6:30 followed by Nuggets-Warriors at 9; NBA TV has Utah-Dallas at 7:30. The closest thing to a national TV baseball game today is Giants-Mets on ESPN+ at 6:10 PM, and Pirates-Brewers at 6:40 is your MLB.TV free game.


SEC Baseball: Tennessee 15, Alabama 4.

MLB: Orioles 5, Yankees 0 ... Red Sox 8, Twins 1 ... Pirates 5, Nationals 3 ... Blue Jays 4, A’s 3 ... Mets 5, Diamondbacks 0 ... Marlins 11, Phillies 3 ... Giants 8, Guardians 1 ... Rays 9, White Sox 3 ... Angels 8, Rangers 3 ... Cubs 6, Rockies 4 ... Dodgers 9, Reds 1 ... Mariners 7, Astros 2 ... Padres 2, Braves 1.

NHL: Panthers 6, Red Wings 1 ... Sabres 5, Flyers 3 ... Blues 8, Predators 3 ... Wild 5, Sharks 4 ... Maple Leafs 4, Islanders 2 ... Ducks 6, Blue Jackets 4.

NBA: Heat 115, Hawks 91 (Heat lead, 1-0) ... Celtics 115, Nets 114 (Celtics lead, 1-0) ... Bucks 93, Bulls 86 (Bucks lead, 1-0) ... Suns 110, Pelicans 99 (Suns lead, 1-0).