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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament First Round, Day 1

No, you are not getting any work done today. Sorry.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Final Four - Preview Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Christmas in March has arrived. Yes, it’s the first day of the NCAA Tournament (or, at least, the real NCAA Tournament), that day when you will get no work done and probably be quietly watching basketball at your desk.

So! Here’s your schedule.

11:15 AM CT: (11) Michigan vs. (6) Colorado State (CBS)

Ah, yes, that game where the lower-seeded team is favored, which means that your bracket is guaranteed to be immediately busted.

11:40 AM CT: (13) South Dakota State vs. (4) Providence (truTV)

Remember, this is a Jackrabbits blog, at least when Vanderbilt is not playing in the NCAA Tournament.

12:45 PM CT: (9) Memphis vs. (8) Boise State (TNT)

Memphis somehow went from overhyped preseason team to disappointment to dangerous 9-seed in the span of a season, which means they will of course promptly lose to Boise State. Also, did you know that Boise State has never won an NCAA Tournament game?

1:00 PM CT: (16) Norfolk State vs. (1) Baylor (TBS)

Remember the bad old days when your local CBS station might decide that you had to sit through a 1-16 game? Anyway, you probably won’t be bothering much with this one.

1:45 PM CT: (14) Longwood vs. (3) Tennessee (CBS)

Heh heh... “Longwood.”

2:10 PM CT: (12) Richmond vs. (5) Iowa (truTV)

Both of these teams won conference tournaments on Sunday, with Richmond absolutely needing it to get in the tournament.

3:15 PM CT: (16) Georgia State vs. (1) Gonzaga (TNT)


3:30 PM CT: (9) Marquette vs. (8) North Carolina (TBS)

This is weirdly interesting, and mostly because a not particularly healthy Baylor team awaits the winner in the second round.

5:50 PM CT: (12) New Mexico State vs. (5) UConn (TNT)

6:10 PM CT: (15) Saint Peter’s vs. (2) Kentucky (CBS)

I guess.

6:20 PM CT: (12) Indiana vs. (5) St. Mary’s (TBS)

Ah yes, your first popular 12-over-5 upset pick. It feels wrong to pick a 12-seed Indiana over a 5-seed St. Mary’s as your upset, though.

6:27 PM CT: (9) Creighton vs. (8) San Diego State (truTV)

This, on the other hand, is an 8-9 game where you’re really just figuring out which of these teams gets to go out in the second round.

8:20 PM CT: (13) Vermont vs. (4) Arkansas (TNT)

Yeah, Vermont’s a popular upset pick. I, however, think you should stay away.

8:40 PM CT: (10) San Francisco vs. (7) Murray State (CBS)

Low-key this might be the best game of the first day.

8:50 PM CT: (13) Akron vs. (4) UCLA (TBS)

The other three 4-vs.-13 games are at least somewhat popular upset picks. This one is not.

8:57 PM CT: (16) Texas Southern vs. (1) Kansas (truTV)

I seriously doubt you will want to stay up late to watch this.