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Join the Anchor of Gold Tournament Challenge

Have fun, expect to win.

Syndication: South Bend Tribune Tribune Photo/MICHAEL CATERINA / USA TODAY NETWORK

With the bracket set for the 2022 NCAA Tournament, it’s time for the annual Anchor of Gold Tournament Challenge.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Join the ESPN Anchor of Gold group at the link above.
  2. Fill out your bracket (only one entry per person.)
  3. Name your bracket after your Anchor of Gold username or, at least, some way we can identify you.

No, there’s no prize money, just the pleasure of being able to remind everybody for the next year that you won the bracket. (Why is there no prize money? Because I don’t have that kind of money, you idiots.)

Also, anybody who picks Tennessee to win it all will be insta-banned. Now, back to your regularly-scheduled NIT coverage (the tournament we’re actually playing in! Our season’s not done, folks! When is the last time we were able to say that?)

And as always: have fun, expect to win (the tournament challenge.)