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Sunday Game Thread: Game 3 vs. The Okie State Pistol Petes

Fr. LHP Carter “Southpaw Sonny Gray” Holton gets the ball in this top 10 season opening rubber match. Erase yesterday from your minds and fight.

Syndication: Nashville George Walker IV /

Yesterday’s 4-3 loss sucked. Admit it, own it, and move on. Maldo made his case to be moved back to the bullpen, and both Dom Keegan and Parker Noland watched called third strikes to end the game. *Note: Both also couldn’t manage to put the ball in play with freaking Enrique Bradfield on 3rd earlier in the game and 0 and 1 out, respectively, so in many ways, they feel shame.

There were some bright spots, as Spencer Jones abused the ball to opposite field in a 4-4 day at the plate (though one was a gift that the Okie Poke LF lost in the sun). Shockwave got his first two steals of the year. Oh, and our bullpen is still stocked with arms, as Nelson “Son of Sam” Berkwich, Grayson “Gitmo” Moore, and Prancetown Grad Transfer Jack Anderson combined for 5 hitless, shutout innings which gave us a chance to come back. (Feel free to read the first paragraph if you want to get angry over why we were not able to manage such a simple comeback, given a plethora of opportunities with ducks on the pond, but I, for one, am deleting it from my memory bank right now.)

The Final Pitching Lines were as follows:

Nick “Where’s Maldo?” Maldonado (L, 0-1): 4 IP 6 H 4 R 2 ER 1 BB 3 K on 68 pitches (49 strikes).

Nelson “Son of Sam” Berkwich: 1 IP 0 H 0 R 0 BB 0 K on 13 pitches (9 strikes).

Grayson “Gitmo” Moore: 3 IP 0 H 0 R 1 BB 5 K on 48 pitches (32 strikes).

Prancetown Grad Transfer Jack Anderson: 1 IP 0 H 0 R 1 BB 3 K on 22 pitches (13 strikes).

On the Mound

Sunday @ 1:00pm CT on SECN+/ESPN+

#20 Vanderbilt Fr. LHP Carter “Southpaw Sonny Gray” Holton (0-0; 0.00 ERA)

vs. #3 Oklahoma State So. RHP Bryce “A Little Bit Country” Osmond (0-0; 0.00 ERA)

The Lineup

*Will update when the lineup is posted.

The Cleats

See you in the comments (though maybe not, as I’ll be watching it at a BBQ at a friend’s house).