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2022 Staff Pick’em Army-Navy

It feels unAmerican not to pick this game.

NCAA Football: Army at Navy
It is all about singing second in Army-Navy.
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The four games from Conference Championship weekend that impacted, or could have impacted the playoff went very oddly. The two teams with nothing to play for crushed their opposition to cover the spread. The two that needed to play well both lost. TCU managed to get to OT though, and the Committee rightly left them in the playoff while USC fell out for getting stomped.

The staff went 13-11. Import and Tom went 3-1 while Cole, CDA, and I were 2-2 along with the Commentariat. VU 04 used his scouts honor to correct a mistake I made in recording picks to go 1-3. The race for the crown this year will be decided in bowl season with only Cole not having a realistic shot at winning since he is 11 games back of Import. CDA is 6 games back, so he will need a lot of help, too.

This weekends only FBS game is Army-Navy. The game is being played in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field this season. Neither team has played particularly well. Navy comes in at 4-7 while Army is 5-6. The Black Knights cannot reach a bowl game even with a win because they have two wins over FCS competition this season.

The Rules

  1. Normally, the picks are for all SEC games with one dealer’s choice where I get to choose another game to make us pick. With two new teams set to join in “2025” (Who wants to bet that timeline holds up?), Texas and Oklahoma will have all of their games picked, too. It is just Army-Navy this week.
  2. The picks will be made AGAINST THE SPREAD. Too many games are easy to pick heads up. Also, this will serve as a PSA for why you should not get into sports gambling, which is especially important with sports gambling being legal in Tennessee now.
  3. The lines will be taken from Oddshark’s consensus spread some time Monday, so they may not match what is listed at the time this article is published.

The Standings

Commentariat 70 70 2 2
Import 69 71 3 1
Tom 66 75 3 1
DotP 66 75 2 2
VU 04 65 76 1 3
CDA 63 78 2 2
Cole 58 83 2 2

The Picks

GAME Patrick Cole Tom VU04 CDA Import
Navy (-2.5)
centered image No Pick centered image centered image centered image centered image