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Join the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick ‘Em

Somebody will win this!

With bowl season upon us, it’s time for the annual Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick ‘Em contest.

The rules, for those unfamiliar:

  • Create an entry in the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick ‘Em. We play using confidence points: you pick all the bowl games and assign a confidence level to each pick, with the highest confidence level being worth the most points, and the lowest confidence level being worth one point. The winner will be determined by the highest number of points.
  • We ask that you put your Anchor of Gold user name somewhere in your pick set, or at least some way that we can identify you. (If you don’t have one, I don’t know, figure something out.)
  • Prizes? We don’t do any stinking prizes, but you do get bragging rights on Anchor of Gold dot com for a year.
  • The celebration penalty against Dr. Earl Bennett was bullshit.

Anyway, have fun, and expect to win.