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AoG Bowl Pick ‘Em Standings and Festivus Bowl Schedule

Happy Independence Bowl to all who observe.

PetroSun Independence Bowl: Oklahoma State v Alabama Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

AoG Bowl Pick ‘Em Standings

Player Record Points Max Points
Player Record Points Max Points
Cole Sullivan 8-6 221 798
jeturn 8-6 221 869
A SCORE TOO SHART 9-5 219 872
SuicideDores 9-5 211 843
sandyswift54 9-5 206 863
Max Rockatansky 8-6 189 858
ESPNFAN9493954077 5-9 185 854
Dinard'oh 11-3 181 889
barretchap 8-6 178 829
Questionable Scott Farley 8-6 178 836
DoreonthePlains 10-4 154 892
tinioril 6-8 151 855
VUBandNerd 9-5 151 874
Tom Stephenson 7-7 145 810
Andrew VU '04 9-5 112 902
ConquerAndPrevail 6-8 102 851
VandyFan1 11-3 95 923
Yer Uncle Mike 11-3 79 920
captainwjm 10-4 77 918
Henry73 8-6 63 904
HometownHero 8-6 54 895
rmayo1 7-6 51 892
VuFanInHiding 6-8 49 890
ESPNFAN7033459896 7-7 42 883
VU1970 5-9 32 873
MiniMcDeaths 1-0 18 855

The last time I updated the bowl pick ‘em standings, Import (I’m just assuming that’s who A SCORE TOO SHART is) was in the lead with a 9-1 record and 219 points.

Today, Import has a 9-5 record and 219 points. #Fadeimport is back on the menu, boys. That’s allowed Cole and jeturn to overtake him, if ever so narrowly, because neither of them are having a good week either; they’re just having a better week than Import, who’s now missed all of Eastern Michigan-San Jose State, Liberty-Toledo, Western Kentucky-South Alabama, and Air Force-Baylor.

Anyway, today has two bowl games on tap. Once you’re finished with the airing of the grievances, tune in to see:

Independence Bowl: Southwestern Louisiana (6-6) vs. Houston (7-5) (2:00 PM CT, ESPN): Going off on a tangent here, but “Louisiana” is one of the silliest instances of “just what the hell am I supposed to call you?” that plagues a fair number of mid-major programs, like MTSU which has decided that they want to be known as “Middle Tennessee” instead of “Middle Tennessee State,” but I’m just gonna fucking call them MTSU. That is the same as the “University of Louisiana” which, no, you’ll always be a directional Louisiana to me.

Anyway, this is the Independence Bowl, and like the Armed Forces Bowl last night it is not immune from the blast of arctic air that has infested the entire country. As such, temperature in Shreveport at kickoff will be 24 degrees, and making this even more interesting is the fact that these are two teams from the I-10 corridor who are not accustomed to such indignities. (As far as Houston goes, is there a bigger disappointment at the G5-soon-to-be-Big-12 level than the Cougars, who everybody thought were going 11-1 and instead are 7-5 and playing a bowl game in Shreveport while Tulane is in the Cotton Bowl?)

Gasparilla Bowl: Wake Forest (7-5) vs. Missouri (6-6) (5:30 PM CT, ESPN): And here’s the matchup of two Vanderbilt opponents, and honestly the shocking part here is that Wake Forest finished the season roughly as well as Missouri did, considering how these two looked in their respective games against Vandy (Wake Forest beat the Commodores 45-25; Missouri scraped by 17-14.) Also, Missouri lost one of its wide receivers to Georgia in the transfer portal, which is a dick move by a division rival. Student-athlete rights and everything, but no, you shouldn’t be able to do that, and this isn’t solely me being mad that Ray Davis will be playing at Kentucky next season while Kentucky fans on Twitter basically admit that they stole Vandy’s running back because he beat them in Lexington.