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WBB Game 14: Alabama A&M Bulldogs at Vanderbilt Commodores

@vandywbb on Twitter

December 21, 2022 @ 1:00PM CT | Video: SECN+ | Radio: Live Call

Coming off a gutsy overtime win where at one point we were only 2 fouls away from 4-on-5 basketball, the Commodores should have a much easier go of it against the Alabama A&M Bulldogs. They are far and away one of the worst teams in the country this year out of 350 or so Division I Women’s Basketball teams. There’s not much analysis I can run here. Their only win is against the similarly horrible SC State, but some of A&M’s losses have been by 50 points. We could beat them even if we do need to play down a woman or two.

It’s unclear right now how many players we’ll have active for this game, as I haven’t seen any news about this, and the entire issue goes unmentioned in the official game preview, but I don’t foresee it being an issue. We hopefully won’t need to play hard enough defense against a team averaging 18 fewer points than we do on horrid shooting percentages across the board. More than anything, I just hope no one gets hurt in this game. We could be in season cancellation territory with another player or two out, and nobody wants to go through that at all, much less twice in three seasons.