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Better Know A Signee: Dante “The Inferno” Kelly

The Gridiron Dores get a coverage linebacker who will instantly become of the best pure athletes on the squad.

Inferno, Circles of Hell in Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) by Dante Alighieri, 1304-1321, engraving Photo By DEA PICTURE LIBRARY/De Agostini via Getty Images

Dante “The Inferno” Kelly

Position: Linebacker

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 200

Hometown: Itta Bena, Mississippi

High School: Leflore County

247 Sports In House: 3 star (87), #68 (athlete), #14 (Mississippi)

247 Sports composite: 3 star, N/A National, #96 (athlete), #23 (Mississippi)

Rivals: 3-star (5.5)

Other Power 5 offers: Mississippi State, Memphis, Southern Miss and South Florida.

Coming straight from the 7th circle, the 16th member of the 2023 signing class (though really, all of these 16 signed at the break of dawn, with a few trickling in between dawn and midmorning) did not keep us in Purgatorio for long before Virgil led his violent hits to The New Bald Coach. Though the football, basketball, and track star is listed as an “Athlete,” Lea plans to use him at LB. Watching his highlight reel, it is frighteningly apparent he’s the best athlete on the field for his entire senior year. Looks to be a disruptive glutton for turnovers—and Cerberus will have to catch him first to punish him (runs an 11.34 second 100 meter dash), which is no easy task. We could use a few of those.

If I had to guess, he’s a weak side backer who covers TEs, unless he bulks up quite a bit. Even then, he should look to add 20+ pounds to his frame while maintaining his speed. Looks to have the athletic potential to turn into a Devin Lloyd style cover/blitzing LB if he develops. Have to assume he’s on a training table redshirt in 2023, but with the “4 games before you give up your shirt” rule, there’s a safe chance we’ll see him on the field at some point in the fall.

The only problem is he’s not from Florence, MS, as that would lead to even more Dante Alighieri style divine AoG comedy in the comments on game threads.

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate, SEC foes.