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AoG Bowl Pick ‘Em Standings and Monday Bowl Schedule

Import leads? Maybe?

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Coastal Carolina David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you can’t follow directions (because, I specifically said to use your damn AoG username in your pick set) which leaves me trying to guess who “A SCORE TOO SHART” is that currently leads the Pick ‘Em contest.

I think that’s Import, because who else would that be, but I can’t be too sure.

AoG Bowl Pick ‘Em Standings

Player Record Points Max Points
Player Record Points Max Points
A SCORE TOO SHART 8-1 180 940
Cole Sullivan 6-3 176 850
jeturn 6-3 168 923
sandyswift54 7-2 166 918
SuicideDores 7-2 151 887
Max Rockatansky 6-3 149 886
ESPNFAN9493954077 4-5 144 875
Questionable Scott Farley 6-3 138 915
barretchap 6-3 135 869
Dinard'oh 7-2 102 904
VUBandNerd 6-3 94 907
tinioril 3-6 92 870
DoreonthePlains 7-2 87 936
Tom Stephenson 4-5 68 845
ConquerAndPrevail 3-6 64 872
Andrew VU '04 5-4 47 921
VandyFan1 7-2 44 937
ESPNFAN7033459896 6-3 32 933
HometownHero 6-3 32 933
captainwjm 6-3 31 932
Yer Uncle Mike 7-2 30 931
Henry73 5-4 30 931
rmayo1 5-3 29 930
VU1970 4-5 20 921
VuFanInHiding 3-6 14 915

It’s early, with only nine of 43 bowl games played, and at this point the Max Points column (which is the maximum number of points you can earn based on the total amount of confidence points you have on the remaining games) is probably more important than the number of points you’ve already earned. It’s good to be Import and go 8-1 over the first weekend, with your only loss being a five-pointer on Miami (Ohio.) But you’re also fine being Your Uncle Mike, who’s 7-2 and while he only has 30 points, his maximum total is 931 (out of 946.)

What you don’t want to do is be me or Cole and put north of 40 points on Jackson State, who of course lost the Celebration Bowl in overtime. Cole even doubled down and put 42 points on Cincinnati, who went out and took a 24-7 L to Louisville in the Fenway Bowl.

Anyway, just one bowl game on the schedule today and it’s an afternoon game, after which ESPN will get the hell out of the college football business and broadcast Monday Night Football.

Myrtle Beach Bowl: Marshall (8-4) vs. UConn (6-6) (1:30 PM CT, ESPN): This one’s on teal turf! UConn, a year after being one of the worst teams in FBS ... is still one of the worst teams in FBS, but also managed to go 6-6 by beating a bunch of the other worst teams in FBS (FIU, Boston College, UMass), an FCS win over Central Connecticut, catching Fresno State napping and a checked-out Hugh Freeze in a win over Liberty.

That gets them a date with a Marshall team of some quality, which beat Notre Dame earlier in the season and is capable of stomping UConn if they’re dialed in. Either way, though, what else are you doing on a Monday afternoon? Working?