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Vanderbilt assistant coach Dan Jackson to “step back” from football program

A necessary step, if a delayed one.

Per a release from Vanderbilt athletic director Candice Lee, defensive backs coach Dan Jackson will “step back” from the football program while the matter is reviewed by the Equal Opportunity and Access office.

This is a necessary move, albeit one that probably should have happened on Friday when the comments surfaced, though as an earnest civil servant in my real job I understand that the people who do these things are often not about to do any work at 4 PM on a Friday afternoon.

That said, at this point it seems like the inevitable outcome here is that Jackson has coached his last game at Vanderbilt. This is me speculating, but I’d bet that whatever the outcome of the internal review process, it won’t be decided prior to the end of the season; and between this and the performance of Jackson’s position group, the odds that he will return to the program in 2023 are close to nil whether he’s terminated over this or Clark Lea simply decides to remove him for performance reasons.