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Finally, I agree with all of you that somebody needs to be fired on this coaching staff

When it’s not about football.

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Look, I get it. I’m the guy around here who wants to give coaches forever on the job before I finally come around to agreeing that they should be fired, but sometimes, the offense is so fireable that termination needs to be immediate.

That time comes when you’re getting called out by an organization called “Stop Antisemitism,” as Vanderbilt defensive backs coach Dan Jackson was today.

Kanye is two steps ahead of everyone. He’s not crazy. People try to silence him because he thinks for himself. People don’t want that. Rappers and athletes are taught they need to think the same as the media/politicians. If they have an opinion that is opposite the mainstream, they’re called crazy. More people need to wake up and speak their mind.

So, first of all: no, this is not simply defending Kanye’s right to “think for himself” or “speak his mind.” If you don’t understand that, replace “Kanye” with “Colin Kaepernick” and see if you would read this as agreeing with Kaepernick’s opinions and not just a defense of his right to express them. And anyway, people who are not First Amendment lawyers generally do not go around defending the right of other people to express opinions that they disagree with. There are free speech absolutists out there, to be sure, but a good rule of thumb is that somebody who is merely expressing their belief that people should not be censored do not refer to that person as being “two steps ahead of everyone” and saying that more people need to “wake up.” Those statements imply that the person agrees with the speaker.

And now, what he’s (probably) agreeing with.

It started when Kanye wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt to an event, then when P. Diddy called him out, Kanye responded thusly:

“This ain’t a game,” West continued in yet another post. “Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me. I told you this was war. Now gone get you some business.”

And then VICE magazine unearthed an unaired portion of an interview that Kanye did on the Tucker Carlson show. If you’re not quite understanding that, Kanye was saying things that Tucker Carlson decided went too far.

Things got even worse from there. The Hustler has more on the controversial stuff Kanye has said, or hell, just go look at Wikipedia. (Note that this is not to be confused with Kyrie Irving’s recent comments, which were bad enough to get him suspended by the Brooklyn Nets. Seemingly ever since Kanye and Kyrie opened their mouths, we’ve seen a lot more casual expression of stuff like Holocaust denial on the cesspool that is Twitter, which is really, truly awesome.)

Anyway, this dude needs to go, and that would be true even if Vanderbilt’s defensive backs weren’t allowing an Ole Miss receiver to break records.