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End of Season Football Mail Bag: Call For Submissions

Post VANDERBILT Football and/or SEC Football questions in the comments here.

Tennessee v Vanderbilt Photo by Carly Mackler/Getty Images

If I would have told you this squad, coming off a year zero teardown, would go 5-7 with SEC wins over Kentucky and Florida before the season started, you’d be happy, no?

Of course, then Oracle Me would tell you about the 56-0 stomp job at the hands of the Chuggers at home to close out the season, and also that Derek Mason had somehow managed to fuck up our chances at an APR bowl as a parting gift, and you’d want to punch Oracle Me in the penis.

Oracle Me can be a bit of an ass.

Anyway, it’s time to open up the feetball mail bag one last time.

Here are the rules of the mail bag:

  1. This is a football mailbag, so limit your questions to Vanderbilt football, SEC football, former Big XII football apostate schools, college football, “feetball,” the former Vanderbilt commercial with all the feet in it, and/or Rex Ryan.
  2. Post your questions in the comments below today and tomorrow (I will normally post the calls for submissions as reminders on Sunday each week).
  3. I will collate the best of said questions in the comments, and cull ones that deal with the same topic (so we don’t have to repeat ourselves multiple times weekly). Then, all Anchor of Gold writers will get the opportunity to chime in. The answers will usually be published on Thursday or Friday.
  4. All Anchor of Gold community guidelines apply to the questions. Our basic rule is “don’t be the worst.” Chuggers fans violate this like it’s their birth right.
  5. Jeff Green travelled.

...and that’s it.

*Note: Questions about other SEC football teams are welcome, too. We just won’t know as much about them, and will likely respond with juvenile, biased trash talk.