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Game 3: Vanderbilt Commodores at Temple Owls — Open Game Thread

Vanderbilt goes on the road, still seeking its first win of the season.

SMU v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

NR (Coaches)
87 (KenPom)

November 11, 2022
6:00 PM CT
SEC Network+
Radio: WQZQ 830 AM/93.3 FM(TuneIn)

NR (Coaches)
96 (KenPom)

The start to Vanderbilt’s 2022-23 basketball season has hardly been ideal. A season-opening loss to Memphis was somewhat expected, though the way that Vanderbilt lost was not. That was followed by the unexpected, a 12-point home loss to Southern Miss, a team that went 7-26 last season.

Tonight, Vanderbilt visits Temple (insert “wet het” joke here.) The Owls opened the season by shitting the bed against Wagner (currently ranked 261 in KenPom), but followed that up by beating Villanova — which, well, early returns suggest that Villanova may not be Villanova in its first year post-Jay Wright.

In theory, this is a winnable game for Vanderbilt; the Commodores are a 4-point underdog. In practice, well, we’ll see if a better team shows up than the one we’ve seen through the first two games of the season. I would also point out that ever since Vanderbilt unveiled the “Coral-V” logo in March, the basketball team has not won a game.

The game threads will continue until morale improves.