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Anchor Drop, January 2, 2022: Women’s basketball postponed, again

At least this time it’s the other team’s COVID issues?

Florida v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Well, Vanderbilt women’s basketball was supposed to host Missouri today, but that’s off — the second game in a row that the Commodores have lost to COVID-19 issues. The good news, I guess, is that this time it’s the other program’s issues, which I take to mean that Vanderbilt had enough to play. Which at least increases the likelihood that Thursday’s game against Arkansas is a go.

Meanwhile, Matt Corral got hurt in the Sugar Bowl last night, and The Discourse took a turn.

Well, okay. Glad we’re going to get more of those in the future after that. (But I listened to the ESPN commentary and I don’t find anything too detestable about it. They referred to playing in a bowl game as “doing the right thing,” and if you’ve got a problem with that value proposition, that’s a you problem.)


SEC Football: Arkansas 24, Penn State 10 ... Kentucky 20, Iowa 17 ... Baylor 21, Ole Miss 7.

NBA: Bucks 136, Pelicans 113 ... Pistons 117, Spurs 116 ... Bulls 120, Wizards 119 ... Clippers 120, Nets 116 ... Nuggets 124, Rockets 111 ... Warriors 123, Jazz 116.

NHL: Bruins 4, Sabres 3 ... Panthers 5, Canadiens 2 ... Hurricanes 7, Blue Jackets 4 ... Islanders 3, Oilers 2 ... Predators 6, Blackhawks 1 ... Maple Leafs 6, Senators 0 ... Blues 6, Wild 4 ... Canucks 5, Kraken 2 ... Kings 6, Flyers 3.