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Vanderbilt goes 0-3 with students barred from attendance

Karma? Probably.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The most notable thing about Vanderbilt’s 68-60 loss to Tennessee on Tuesday night was that the crowd erupted into cheers as the Vols dribbled out the clock.

The second most notable thing about it was the interview that the SEC Network broadcast did with some Tennessee fans in attendance.

Memorial Gym (or, really, Vanderbilt Stadium) getting invaded by opposing fans isn’t a notable thing any more. That tends to happen when the university hasn’t fielded a competitive team in either sport in multiple years. But it doesn’t help when the university does shit like barring students from attending (because, ya know, COVID) and then deciding it’s a good idea to not leave this one in drafts:

You could almost tell, too, that the broadcast crew tonight really wanted to rip into Vanderbilt for all of this but stopped themselves on multiple occasions. Because, really, this all was indefensible.

It’s probably some sort of karmic retribution that Vanderbilt went 0-3 in these games — while, in between all of that, winning road games at Arkansas and Georgia. This team continues to do just enough to convince me that this isn’t a hopeless case — but then, this game was absolutely winnable before Vanderbilt imploded in the final minute.