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Vanderbilt releases depth chart for Colorado State

Notable in his absence: Ben Bresnahan.

NCAA Football: East Tennessee State at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

On the heels of Vanderbilt’s 23-3 loss to East Tennessee State in the season opener, you might have expected some changes on the depth chart for Saturday’s game against Colorado State.

Instead, well, this is basically the same depth chart as last week, with one notable exception:

The main exception is at tight end, where last week’s starter Ben Bresnahan is not listed; in his place, Gavin Schoenwald and Brayden Bapst move up a spot, while Joel DeCoursey (who’s in his third year at VU and hasn’t seen the field) is now listed as the third-stringer. I have to assume Bresnahan is injured, because that’s really the only plausible explanation for why he would be completely off the depth chart.

The only other change I can see is an extremely minor one: last week, Christian James and Marcus Bradley were listed as the second-stringers at, respectively, defensive tackle and defensive end; this week, they’re flip-flopped. That makes sense, because James was recruited as a defensive end and Bradley as a defensive tackle.

Anyway, Clark Lea’s weekly press conference is in about half an hour and we’re going to watch it so that you don’t have to.