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Ah Hell, Let’s All Watch Louisville vs. Ole Piss

Don’t even act like you’re doing anything else right now.

2019 Star Wars Celebration Photo by Daniel Boczarski/FilmMagic

While your AoG staff of writers work on their answers in for this week’s mail bag (will publish Wednesday morning), we might as well watch Ole Piss play the Fightin’ Luke Smiths.

Will Matt “Golden” Corral lead the Lane Kiffin-less Ackbars to victory, or will they piss it all away like so much Egg Bowl on their faces?

Is Bobby Petrino’s infidelity road-rashed face still coaching Louisville? I’m being told no. Not for some time.

Ah who cares. Let’s comment along and make jokes while some actual football is being played. No one could call Vandy vs. ETSU actual football without being sued for libel.