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Georgia v Vanderbilt Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

It didn’t take long for Vanderbilt to fall into a big hole on Saturday morning. The Commodores went three-and-out on their first two drives of the game, with Georgia scoring touchdowns on their first two. Then, an ill-advised kick return attempt ended with a fumble and Georgia having the ball at the Vanderbilt 4-yard line, which the Bulldogs would quickly punch in for a touchdown. On Vanderbilt’s next play, Ken Seals threw an interception, and Georgia would score again. Eight minutes and 18 seconds into the game, Georgia had a 28-0 lead and it was around that time that I decided to go out to lunch and pick up a grocery order, both of which were more productive than watching any more of that crap.

It happens, but it’s pretty rare that I stop watching before the game is over. But when it does, it’s a truly embarrassing performance like this one. The 56-0 loss to Florida in 2019. The 59-0 loss to Alabama in 2017. Those were games where there just wasn’t much point in watching until the final whistle, because really, we all knew what was going to happen, right? And it wasn’t any fun to watch, either. This was more embarrassing than the ETSU game and if you disagree with me (and a lot of you do), you are simply wrong. Yes, Georgia is a good team; however, South Carolina is not very good and only lost to the Bulldogs 40-13 last week. What’s more, Vanderbilt Stadium (again) got taken over by Georgia fans.

None of this, by the way, is on Clark Lea; hell, a lot of it isn’t even on Derek Mason (I mean, it is, but it’s not really his fault that Vanderbilt continued to employ him.) No, this is exactly the Vanderbilt football program that Nick Zeppos wanted. It’s the natural end result of years of neglect.

Anyway, the 62-0 final margin is Vanderbilt’s worst since losing 65-0 to Tennessee to end the 1994 season, which ironically got the Vanderbilt head coach hired by LSU within a week. Vanderbilt finished the game with 77 yards of total offense, including a ridiculously awful 24 passing yards on 18 attempts.

On to UConn next week, I guess. We knew this was going to be a long season after the ETSU game, but this is reaching Clockwork Vandy levels.