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Diamond Dores Release 2022 Baseball Schedule Google Earth and Calypso music if done by Enya style!

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Mississippi State v Vanderbilt Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The @VandyBoys twitter released a Google Earth style video today to announce their 2022 schedule. It’s got weird music, zoom outs, and weird music with zoom outs!

I assume you already know the SEC schedule, so really, the only new info is this:

Out of Conference Home Games

Oklahoma State 2/18-2/20

North Alabama 2/22

Evansville 2/23

Army 2/25-2/27

University of Central Arkansas 3/1

Wagner 3/11-3/13

Michigan 3/15

Out of Conference Away Games

at Hawaii 3/4-3/6

Snap Analysis

I had to watch and listen to that at least 5 times to be able to type up the opponents and dates. I do not recommend doing this. 4 times should be fine.

Oh, and a trip to Hawaii is probably the ultimate sports destination weekend. Don’t stay at The White Lotus, though. Or do. I’m not the boss of you.