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Saturday Open Thread: College Football Season Begins

Yep, it’s back.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 31 Purdue at Illinois Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It may not be Week 1, but Week 0 has... actual college football. Technically.

I mean, there’s a Big Ten conference game.

12:00 PM CT: Nebraska at Illinois (FOX)

Yeah, the FBS football season gets underway with a bad Big Ten game. It’s football.

1:00 PM CT: UConn at Fresno State (CBS Sports)

Oh. Oh God. (But, if you want to look at a future Vanderbilt opponent, well that’s your excuse. Were you looking for an excuse to watch this?)

1:00 PM CT: Sterling at Midland (stream)

That’s right, I’m just throwing a random NAIA game in here. This will probably be better than UConn-Fresno State.

2:00 PM CT: Kentucky State vs. Central State

A Division II game! But I can’t actually find a stream for this one.

2:30 PM CT: Hawaii at UCLA (ESPN)

Todd Graham vs. Chip Kelly in the retread bowl!

5:00 PM CT: Eastern Illinois at Indiana State (ESPN+)

Okay, sure.

6:00 PM CT: Alcorn vs. North Carolina Central (ESPN)

Yeah, it’s Week 0, so the HBCU game gets prime billing on ESPN. This game is at Center Parc Stadium in Atlanta. Also of note: former Vanderbilt wide receiver C.J. Bolar now plays for Alcorn.

7:00 PM CT: Southern Oregon at Rocky Mountain (stream)

Screw it, here’s another NAIA game. You can find the list of all the NAIA games today (there are a bunch!) here, though that scoreboard page unfortunately doesn’t have game times. One of these days I am just going to mess with my SB Nation overlords by posting an open thread of nothing but links to NAIA game streams.

8:30 PM CT: UTEP at New Mexico State (maybe on pay-per-view?)

Yep, somebody thinks you will pay money to watch UTEP-New Mexico State. It’s on local TV in El Paso, something called “Bally Sports Arizona,” (note: neither UTEP nor New Mexico State is in Arizona) and FloSports.

9:00 PM CT: Southern Utah at San Jose State (CBS Sports)

For your nightcap, in case you forgot, San Jose State went undefeated in the regular season last year. Who knew? Anyway, that has big Anchor of Gold G5 Team of the Year vibes. (FCS Team of the Year is and will always be South Dakota State.)