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Vanderbilt Baseball July Coverage Update

What’s to come throughout the month.

2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Baseball Championship Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

With one week (and a few hours) before the 2021 MLB Draft, I thought now would be as good a time as any to let you know what to expect, baseball coverage-wise in the month of July. Obviously, there will be no live game threads until February 2022 (unless they finally listen to me about televising the Black-Gold scrimmages in the fall). Still, though it is no longer baseball season, there will be a lot of things going on for current, former, and future Diamond Dores, and I intend to write inside jokes about Pinman and Vocockyteps (OO!), and also occasionally do some real, actual, editorial and not-even-remotely journalistic work for you all.

I mean, we’ve got an entire incoming class of Freshmen to give ridiculous nicknames to, people. Heavy is the head that dubs a man named Ferguson “Turd.”

Anyway, here’s a quick primer of what’s to come.

2021 MLB Draft Coverage

This week:

  • 2021 MLB Draft 1st Round Primer: Current Players
  • 2021 MLB Draft 1st Round Primer: The Commits
  • 2021 MLB Draft 2nd through 20th Round Primer: Current Players
  • 2021 MLB Draft 2nd through 20th Round Primer: The Commits

Next Week:

  • Live Threads for Each Day of the Draft (Sunday July 11th-Tuesday July 13th)
  • Individual Posts of Who Gets Drafted by Whom and in Which Round (right after they’re selected)
  • Overall Recaps Following Each Day of the Draft

The Rest of July:

  • Individual Posts of Who Signs, For How Much, Who Might Be Coming Back, Which Commits Might Unexpectedly Make it to Campus, Etc.

Transfer Portal Coverage

I know, I know... just the mere mention of this phrase is vomit-inducing, but when you have a deep and talented team, you’re going to lose some talented players due to playing time. When they exit, we will feel a slight twinge of pain, and then wish them all to have the success of a Justyn-Henry Malloy at Atlanta (though maybe not have them face us in Regionals).

Here’s what we know so far (I think... again, if I have omitted someone here, it’s because it has slipped my mind, so feel free to let me know in the comments, and I’ll add their names here.

Off the top of my head, I think it’s just Will “Duff Man” Duff, Matt “Colonel Crank” Hogan, and Max “Power” Romero, Jr. so far. Hopefully, that will be it, but again... deep and talented team with a deep and talented Freshman class about to come to campus (those who make it through the Draft, of course).

Of course, I will also become irrationally hopeful, even here:

Mail Bags and Report Cards

  • Perhaps an End of Season Mail Bag
  • Baseball Report Cards for Every Diamond Dore on the Roster (and yes, I reserve the right to forget to do these, or at least forget to complete these, as we do nothing here but run jokes into the ground and then keep running)

*Note: Both of these things will begin after the Draft (probably).

...and that’s it. I think.