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Jack Leiter Signs with Rangers for All the Money

Not Bezos vanity space trip in a giant space dong money, but one of the highest ever signing bonuses in MLB draft history nonetheless.

2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Baseball Championship Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers will hold a press conference around 12:30pm CT to announce that they have signed Jack Leiter (and will likely tell us the exact amount they paid him).

I was going to wait to write this post until after they announced it, but Jeff Passan is to baseball news as Woj is to the NBA, so I’mma go with it.

Congratulations, Leits Out, on having a frightening amount of money. And on getting to play a game for a living. Must be nice.

Notable Vanderbilt-centric unsigned players to keep an eye on until Sunday’s 5pm MLB signing deadline now include:

  • Kumar Rocker (1st round, 10th overall, NY Mets—contract talks are reportedly “in limbo”)
  • Jordan Lawlar (1st round, 6th overall, D-Bags—rumors are that the Bags have about $7 mil available and are willing to give it to Lawlar, but he’s still 50/50 w/r/t signing)
  • Davis Diaz (12th round, D-Bags—could be a consolation prize late overslot signing for the Bags if they’re unable to get the deal done with Lawlar; so there’s a good possibility either Lawlar or Diaz will be in gangster pajamas, but probably not both)