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Let’s talk Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC!

Why not? Everybody else is.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

So, the news dropped today that the Universities of Texas and Oklahoma are trying to join the SEC. The original story was broken by the Texas A&M beat writer at the Houston Chronicle, which is probably an important detail because message board scuttlebutt is that A&M leaked the plot in an effort to derail it.

Anyway, this apparently has momentum and I hate it. Not because I personally have anything against either university, but because seriously, are we really going to do this again?

You, as a fan of college football generally and Vanderbilt football specifically, should hate this because you, the fan, have no reason to care about the money. Money has turned this from a sport where Vanderbilt and Sewanee played every year into a sport where Vanderbilt shares a division with Missouri because some TV network executive decided that it would be a good financial move to get the SEC Network on basic cable in Kansas City and St. Louis.

I have no interest in playing the occasional game against Texas or Oklahoma at the expense of playing a team we’ve played every year for as long as any of us can remember. I have no interest in going to a pod system because we just have to make sure we play Texas A&M once every two or three years. You shouldn’t either, and if you do like this idea, you’re also the kind of person who thinks the European Super League and the Premier Golf League — both bankrolled heavily by people who have no real stake in the game other than financial — are good ideas.

In short, you, the sports fan, should immediately hate this and not want it to happen and be extremely angry when your school votes for it. There is no reason for you, the sports fan, to defend any of this. This is about the money, not you, and certainly not about the sport.