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Vanderbilt awards jersey numbers to five players

Anchor of Gold, trying to get clicks out of a non-story.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we at least have some answers now about the jersey numbers.

So, if this is going to be a thing, (a) this is actually kind of cool and (b) actually, the players don’t see this as a problem if Mike Wright is any indication.

Meanwhile — Vanderbilt updated the football roster entirely to reflect the five players who were awarded jersey numbers. Again, this is actually pretty cool.

As far as the last question I have, well, that isn’t answered yet. Of the five players who were awarded numbers, four of them (Mike Wright, Ken Seals, Daevion Davis, and Bradley Ashmore) simply reclaimed their jersey numbers from last season. The fifth, Elijah McAllister, switched from #41 to #1, the latter number being vacated by Donovan Kaufman, who transferred to Auburn. We have therefore yet to see a guy swipe a number that last year belonged to a player who is still on the team.

And finally, Deadspin took the opportunity to post the dumbest thing ever written on the internet in response to this, and I am not going to link it because they didn’t link our post either, but you can go find it on your own if you have a desire to end your brain’s functioning.