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Where We Stand After the First 10 Rounds of the 2021 MLB Draft (this will also be your 11th through 20th Round Live Thread)

Will Diamond Dore Senior Jayson Gonzalez hear his name called today?

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Mississippi State v Vanderbilt Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

2021 MLB Draft: 11th through 20th Round

Tuesday July 13th at 11am CT on

For more on the players still on the board for MLB teams today, read the following two articles from earlier in the week:

Overall, we’re doing pretty well at getting our commits through the draft. Just SS Jordan Lawlar, OF Joshua Baez, and RHP Michael Morales have been drafted (and will all but certainly sign).

Though we’re among the handful of hardest hit teams thus far, we also had one of the deepest and most talented overall recruiting classes. In fact, had you sliced our ‘21 class down the middle, we would have two classes just around the top 10 overall. That’s not even accounting for Christian Little, who if not for graduating and enrolling early, certainly would have had to turn down first round money in this week.

Arky has had likely the top HS prospect turn down MLB offers, as SS Peyton Stovall (#29 overall ranking on, told MLB teams to shove it, though he also said he was turning down their offers to go to “the best university in the country,” which... listen, even Arky Chancellor Bill Kincaid likely snort laughed at before adjusting his tie and spouting a bunch of PR pure applesauce and/or administrative jiggery pokery.

Our biggest commit to declare he’s now definitely coming to The Hawk is two way stud LHP/1B/OF Carter Holton, who tweeted this:

Oh, and we have some potentially fantastic current players who are looking more and more likely to return for their senior (or in the case of Maldo, junior) years:

A Useful Reminder From MLB.COM About Day 3:

You’ll see the top-ranked players on MLB Pipeline’s Draft Top 250 list are all high schoolers. In all likelihood, they will head on to honor their college commitments. But there are always exceptions as numerous players taken in the later rounds have been signed for over-slot deals in the bonus pool system.

In that system, teams have a certain amount of money to spend in the top 10 rounds of the Draft, a pool based on slot values for each selection they have. For picks beyond the 10th, teams can spend up to $125,000 per selection without it counting against that pool. In the new system, teams have discovered they have bonus pool money left over once they’ve figured out bonuses for picks on Days 1 and 2 and they can use it to go over that $125,000 to sign Day 3 draftees.

Bonus pools and pick values

It’s a low-risk proposition. In the top 10 rounds, a team loses a pick’s slot value from its pool if a player doesn’t sign. That’s not the case on Day 3, so a team can take any of the above high school players, or any player for that matter, and not have to worry about a non-signing impacting the pool. Any bonus above that $125K threshold will count against that pool, however.

In other words, listen to our boy @VuHawkTalk:

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