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Anchor Drop, June 6, 2021: 90 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt beats Georgia Tech, or Georgia Tech beats itself.

South Carolina v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

We’re 90 days away from Vanderbilt football’s season opener against ETSU, and there’s currently no 90 on the roster — probably because freshmen haven’t been assigned numbers yet and last year’s #90, defensive lineman Cameron Tidd, has graduated.

And on Saturday night, Vanderbilt beat Atlanta 4-3 to advance to the regional final, where they’ll play either Atlanta (again) or Indiana State at 8 PM CT tonight. This was mostly a comedy of errors, with all four Vanderbilt runs being unearned off Atlanta starter Marquis Grissom Jr. (yeah, we’re old), though Jack Leiter did strike out 11 batters in six innings of work and only allowed a solo homer. As of now, ESPN’s web site just says tonight’s game will be on ESPN3. Prior to that, Atlanta and Indiana State will play at 2 PM CT, also on ESPN3.

Your guide to today’s regional action outside of Nashville. In every case, the first game is an elimination game, and the second game is the regional final with the winner of the first game playing the 2-0 team.

11:00 AM CT

  • Greenville Regional: Charlotte vs. Maryland (ESPN3)
  • Gainesville Regional: Miami vs. South Alabama (ESPN3)
  • South Bend Regional: UConn vs. Central Michigan (ESPN3)
  • Columbia Regional: South Carolina vs. Virginia (ESPNU)

1:00 PM CT

  • Austin Regional: Arizona State vs. Fairfield (ESPN3)
  • Oxford Regional: Southern Miss vs. Florida State (ACC Network)
  • Knoxville Regional: Duke vs. Liberty (ESPN3)
  • Fort Worth Regional: TCU vs. Oregon State (ESPN3)

2:00 PM CT

  • StarkVegas Regional: VCU vs. Humpin’ to Please (ESPN3)
  • Tucson Regional: Oklahoma State vs. UC Santa Barbara (ESPN3)
  • Ruston Regional: Louisiana Tech vs. Alabama (SEC Network)
  • Fayetteville Regional: Nebraska vs. NJIT (ESPN3)
  • Witness Protection Regional: North Carolina vs. UCLA (ESPNU)

3:00 PM CT

  • Silly Con Valley Regional: UC Irvine vs. North Dakota State (ESPN3)

5:00 PM CT

  • Eugene Regional: LSU vs. Gonzaga (SEC Network)
  • Columbia Regional: Old Dominion vs. Virginia/South Carolina (ESPN3)
  • Greenville Regional: East Carolina vs. Charlotte/Maryland (ESPN3)
  • Oxford Regional: Ole Miss vs. Florida State/Southern Miss (ESPNU)
  • Gainesville Regional: South Florida vs. Miami/South Alabama (ESPN3)
  • South Bend Regional: Notre Dame vs. UConn/Central Michigan (ACC Network)
  • Knoxville Regional: Tennessee vs. Duke/Liberty (ESPN3)

6:00 PM CT

  • Fort Worth Regional: Dallas Baptist vs. TCU/Oregon State (ESPN3)
  • Ruston Regional: NC State vs. Louisiana Tech/Alabama (ESPN3)
  • Witness Protection Regional: Texas Tech vs. UCLA/North Carolina (ESPN3)

7:00 PM CT

8:00 PM CT

  • Austin Regional: Texas vs. Arizona State/Fairfield (ESPNU)
  • Fayetteville Regional: Arkansas vs. Nebraska/NJIT (ESPN3)
  • Silly Con Valley Regional: Stanford vs. UC Irvine/North Dakota State (ESPN3)
  • Tucson Regional: Arizona vs. Oklahoma State/UCSB (ESPN3)

9:00 PM CT

  • Eugene Regional: Oregon vs. LSU/Gonzaga (ESPN3)