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Anchor Drop, June 5, 2021: 91 Days to Kickoff

Vanderbilt rolled Presbyterian Friday night.

Good morning.

Optional Musical Accompaniment

We’re 91 days away from Vanderbilt football’s season opener against ETSU. There is no 91 for Vanderbilt and there hasn’t been since 2014 (pictured above is Theron Kadri, the last player to wear the number and also get actual playing time. who last played in... 2010.) Anyway, my annual rant about duplicate numbers and everybody clustering in the single-digit numbers and probably something about “defensive lineman numbers” is probably coming at some point, but at least right now, the incoming freshmen don’t have numbers so perhaps there actually will be a 91?

And, baseball opened the NCAA Tournament last night with a 10-0 beatdown of an overmatched Presbyterian team. Kumar Rocker went seven innings, struck out nine, walked two, and allowed two hits and let’s not question Tim Corbin’s decision to throw him against Presbyterian what with #1 overall seed Arkansas burning through a bunch of relief pitchers to get past NJIT yesterday.

And speaking of which! It’s Saturday, and there will be college baseball on all day starting at 11 AM CT. (There will of course be other sports on, but this being a Vanderbilt sports blog, we’re going to talk about this.) Vanderbilt, after last night’s win, moves on to play Atlanta tonight at 6 PM CT, and that game is apparently going to be on ESPNU (though WatchESPN’s schedule seems to be at war with itself.) Andrew has your game thread later, and now your viewing schedule for the rest of today’s games.

11:00 AM CT

  • Columbia Regional: Jacksonville vs. Virginia (ESPNU)
  • Delenda Est Regional: Duke vs. Wright State (ACC Network)
  • South Bend Regional: Michigan vs. Central Michigan (ESPN3)
  • Gainesville Regional: Jorts vs. South Alabama (SEC Network)
  • Oxford Regional: Southern Miss vs. SE Missouri State (ESPN3)

12:00 PM CT

  • Fort Worth Regional: Oregon State vs. McNeese (ESPN3)
  • Greenville Regional: Maryland vs. Norfolk State (ESPN3)

1:00 PM CT

  • Austin Regional: Southern vs. Fairfield (ESPN3)
  • Nashville Regional: Presbyterian vs. Indiana State (ESPN3)

2:00 PM CT

  • Ruston Regional: Rider vs. Alabama (ESPN3)
  • Witness Protection Regional: UCLA vs. Army (ESPN2)
  • Fayetteville Regional: Northeastern vs. NJIT (ESPN3)
  • StarkVegas Regional: Samford vs. Campbell (ESPN3)

3:00 PM CT

  • Eugene Regional: Central Connecticut vs. LSU (SEC Network)
  • Tucson Regional: Oklahoma State vs. Grand Canyon (ESPN3)
  • Silly Con Valley Regional: Nevada vs. North Dakota State (ESPN3)
  • Gainesville Regional: South Florida vs. Miami (ESPNU)

5:00 PM CT

  • Oxford Regional: Ole Miss vs. Florida State (ESPN2)
  • Delenda Est Regional: Tennessee vs. Liberty (ESPN3)
  • South Bend Regional: Notre Dame vs. UConn (ESPN3)
  • Greenville Regional: East Carolina vs. Charlotte (ESPN3)

6:00 PM CT

  • Austin Regional: Texas vs. Arizona State (LHN)
  • Columbia Regional: Old Dominion vs. Game Penises (SEC Network)
  • Ruston Regional: NC State vs. Louisiana Tech (ACC Network)
  • Fort Worth Regional: TCU vs. Dallas Baptist (ESPN3)

7:00 PM CT

8:00 PM CT

  • Fayetteville Regional: Nebraska vs. Arkansas (ESPN3)
  • Witness Protection Regional: Texas Tech vs. North Carolina (ESPN2)
  • Silly Con Valley Regional: Stanford vs. UC Irvine (ESPN3)

9:00 PM CT

  • Eugene Regional: Oregon vs. Gonzaga (ESPNU)
  • Tucson Regional: Arizona vs. UC Santa Barbara (ESPN3)

(However, I also want to point all of you to the Division III College World Series going on today and streaming on the NCAA’s website. That starts with Adrian vs. Johns Hopkins at 10 AM. You’re welcome.)