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Better Know A Regional Opponent: The Presbyterian Blue Hose

Get ready to drink every time they mention that Corbs used to coach there.

Daily News Front Page
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The School: Presbyterian College. Did you know that Tim Corbin used to be their baseball coach? I am sure that will not come up during the broadcast.

Location: Clinton, South Carolina. I looked on Wikipedia for random fun facts about the place and I found nothing. It’s just a random town in upstate South Carolina. But former Presbyterian baseball coach Tim Corbin doesn’t make it onto the list of notable people.

The Mascot: The Blue Hose. Points for uniqueness, demerits for being a rather generic article of clothing. Unless we’re talking about a blue garden hose, which... well played.

Record: 22-21, 18-16 in the Big South Conference. If that sounds mediocre, well, that’s why they’re the 4-seed. Still, this is somehow better than Tim Corbin’s 106-138 record there. In fairness, Corbs was the head coach while they transitioned from NAIA to NCAA Division II. That’s right, I got an NAIA reference in here.

How’d they get here: Beat the Campbell Fightin’ Camels twice to win the Big South auto bid.

Best win: Well, they played Campbell — the Big South regular season champs — five times this season and won four of them, which has to count for something right? But other than that, the only notable team they played out of conference was Auburn, who swept the Blue Hose in a three-game series to open the season.

Worst loss: They also went 0-5 against USC Upstate, who, granted, finished second place in the Big South, but also beat Presbyterian 13-0 back on March 23.

Most terrifying batter: Zacchaeus Rasberry should win this on name alone, but aside from that, the fifth-year senior outfielder also led the team in home runs (10) and slugging percentage (.577), and also had a .314 batting average. So yeah, moderately terrifying.

Best Pitcher: Uh, well, Charlie McDaniel is the team’s Friday starter and has a modest 4,80 ERA and 32 strikeouts in 64.1 innings, and he appears to be the best pitcher on a staff that has a 6.10 ERA. Pickings are pretty slim here is the point.

Best NCAA Tournament Result: Believe it or not, it’s 2021 — the program’s first NCAA Tournament appearance to date. (For the record, Presbyterian was not in Division I when Corbin coached there.) Their Wikipedia page lists a single conference championship in 2003, as a member of the Division II South Atlantic Conference. We will have to consult parlagi to find out if they ever won their conference in NAIA.

Should Vanderbilt be scared? Lol no. There are two types of regional 4-seeds: on the one hand, you have 4-seeds who either have an ace starter who can make life miserable for the host on Friday, but that’s clearly not this team, whose ace starter had a 4.80 ERA in the regular season. Presbyterian fits more into the mold of a 4-seed that really just isn’t a very good team and got here by getting hot at the right time. If Vanderbilt has any trouble with the Blue Hose, we should probably just go ahead and cancel our plans for Omaha.