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Hooverville Game Thread: Friday vs. Ole Piss Again

Two teams enter; one team leaves. Jack “Leits Out” Leiter takes the hill for the Diamond Dores against Ole Piss again. Don’t pitch to Elks without knee ligaments.

Dweller in “Hooverville”, Circleville, Ohio, July 1938 Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Friday 12:55pm CT on SEC Network

Vanderbilt #22 So. RHP Jack “Leits Out” Leiter (8-2, 2.12 ERA)

vs. Ole Piss #34 Sr. RHP Tyler “Michael” Myers (3-2, 6.15 ERA)

*Note: This is Myers 19th appearance thus far, but will only be his 3rd start.

The Lineup

See you in the comments.